Micellar solution O’HERBAL, cleansing and care

Lately the micellar water is getting an increasing interest among the consumers using the skin cleansing products. Similar to tonic or make-up removal milk, this product restores the skin purity without requiring further washing up. However this product has a number of advantages. Micellar solution is capable of effectively dissolving and removing of excessive sebum, pollution and cosmetics (including waterproof mascara) from the skin without leaving behind sticky, oily film and in fact any traces at all. The feeling of freshness is, as if you just washed up your face but without the unpleasant feeling of dryness or tightness. In addition, this product is ideal for sensitive skin due to its soft and gentle properties.

How does the micellar water “work”? Its cleansing action is provided by surface-active substances (SAS). They form a micelle-“balls” of molecules in water that “seize” particles of fat and dirt on skin, easily separating them and hold within themselves. You can instantly clean your skin by just wiping over your face and neck with a cotton disc dampened in the micellar water. Surfactants used in the micellar solutions are very soft and slightly foaming; they do not violate the hydro-lipid mantle, preventing the dryness and irritation of the skin. After cleansing the skin has a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort.

Micellar water not only cleanses the skin but cares for it; it moisturises, provides a tonic effect, normalises the general condition, ensures the prevention of dryness and irritation. In order to achieve that result each product consists the additional components for each type of skin.

All O’HERBAL micellar solutions are rich in valuable for skin plant extracts. Along with moisturising components (among them are aloe vera and panthenol), plants’ components take care of healthy and well-kept skin conditions; they saturate it with the necessary substances to strengthen its protective functions and protect from harmful external influences. Every product of this line is composed of extracts especially selected for a particular type of skin.

For a example, the micellar solution for dry skin is enriched with the flax extract that cleanses the skin while hydrating, soothing it and returning it a comfortable feeling. Flax seeds are rich in unsaturated acids and vitamins that help to prevent the excessive dryness and flaking, strengthen the protective property of skin. In addition other moisturising components are used to increase the effect.

The formula for the micellar solution for oily and combination skin consists the extracts of hops to help to bring back the haze and ensure the absence of greasy. Hop cones extract regulates the seborrhoea effect, have antiseptic and firming action. Aloe Vera gel effectively moisturises and tones the skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the thyme extract are used for sensitive skin to prevent the skin irritation and redness. Panthenol soothes skin and contributes to its rapid regeneration.

Each of the micellar solutions O’HERBAL consists an astonishing 96% of natural ingredients. Lactic acid used in all solutions to give them the ideal pH. All micellar solutions are hypoallergenic due to the use of a preservative that is specifically formulated for “green” cosmetics.