Calamus root

List of O’Herbal products with Calamus root


Calamus root (Lat. Acorus calamus)

Calamus root extract has disinfecting effect. Lightly tones and tightens skin, cleans the pores and eliminates acne. Calamus root is mainly used in hair care – extract increases shine and fluffiness and reduces hair loss by strengthening bulbs. In addition, a very good effect on the skin with dandruff – cleanses the skin, reducing its quantity. Calamus also applies to the seborrhea. A decoction added to the bath will soften the skin itching, dermatitis, additionally essential oil soothes and relaxes.


Hair strengthening shampoo with calamus root extract 75 ml


Hair strengthening spray with calamus root extract 200ml


Маsk hair strengthening with calamus root extract 500 ml


Hair strengthening conditioner with calamus root extract 75 ml